Research at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz

Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (JGU) focuses on research in clearly defined fields and thus meets one of the key requirements for achieving competitiveness in the international arena. As a full university with a wide range of disciplines on offer, JGU is able to identify potential core research areas through competitive, quality-oriented processes. These research areas then receive targeted support. With an executive committee consisting of leading researchers based at both JGU and at non-university partner research institutes, the Gutenberg Research College takes a leading role in determining the areas of focus at the university, an aspect that is subject to continuous review and modification. The fact that this strategy has been successful is demonstrated by the amount of third-party funds raised for research at JGU: from 2015 to 2021, those funds rose from EUR 114 to EUR 177 million per year.

Currently the top-level research of JGU is particularly characterized by the following areas:

  • Particle and hadron physics at the PRISMA+ Cluster of Excellence
  • Research into materials sciences and quantum technology
  • Research into life sciences and translational medicine

All research activities at JGU are primarily managed by its Vice President for Research and Early Career Academics.

JGU’s Department of Research and Technology Transfer advises its scientists on aspects of obtaining funding for projects.

For more detailed information on the strategies used by JGU to promote its young researchers and artists, please visit the Gutenberg Council for Young Researchers website.